Rabu, 26 September 2012

Let's Play

In this era of modern gadgets, our children hardly ever play traditional games anymore. Do your kids know the game of congklak, chap teh or bola bekel/five stones?

Here is one of Aqila's fave game to play lately...pick up sticks.

How heartening it is to know that he enjoys this traditional game as much as i did long long time ago, well infact i still do :-)

When i was around his age, I played this game often. Instead of plastic sticks like the modern version, our sticks were made from sapu lidi sticks or sticks taken from sapu lidi or lidi broom, made of coconut husks (?)

I remembered having scolded because the sapus /brooms at home got very messy, untidy and sometimes totally ruined because we took too many of its lidi sticks to play this game! haaaa...

Hey...there was a result for all the scoldings, I was quite good at this game! Hehehe

The modern version use colour codes to count the point you get for each of the sticks you successfully picked up, but the idea of the game remains the same. To pick up stick one at a time, taking turn among the player, without making other sticks to move.

This game sure will generate joy n happiness to those who play it. And that is all that matters :-)

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