Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Keeping a Diary

Aqila's latest fascination is the Diary of Amos Lee, a series by local writer Adeline Foo. The book is about a Primary school boy who is asked by his mum to write a diary whenever he goes to errrr...the bathroom! Hehe

So Aqila's mum is reading the book too, just to make sure i know what he is talking about when he mention about things he reads in the book.

There are several things that i like about the book:

It is a refreshing read, the language is light and easy enough to digest, even by a lower primary student like Aqila.

It teaches kids to learn to love and pick up writing as a hobby in a non-chalant way :-)

It talks about various subjects that are dear to local people - from the type of favourite breakfast for locals, interesting places to go in Singapore to National Day Parade.

One thing for sure, Aqila is willing enough to start his own diary after reading the series. Good exercise :-) Hope it lasts!

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