Kamis, 05 April 2012

Wear and Tell Day

This is Aqila the app designer :-)
Black corduroy trousers with matching coloured T-shirt and jacket. White shoes to give an oomph effect (naaah...joking, theyre his school shoes!)

Today is a Wear and Tell Day in his school. Primary 1 and 2 students are encouraged to come to school dressed in an occupation of their choice and talk about it before their classmates.

Aqila said he will design three apps.
1. A talking timer for old people (like his Eyang). The app will reminds a person about what he or she needs to do at certain time.
2. A game for kids which allows them to play while learning math and science. Definitely for kids like him!
3. An app to help beginner driver to improve their driving skills. Now...you know who he was referring to as a case study, dont you? (*wink-wink)

Mom asked, " Why do you keep/hide your hands at the back like that?" (see picture)

Aqila replied, "Oh but CEOs often do this!"

Hahahaaaaa.....gosh! Kids say the darnest things!

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