Senin, 30 April 2012

To Jakarta and Back

Bunda went to Jakarta lastweek, one day one night stay at Opa and Oma's place. I needed to settle some matters :-) i spared you the details :-)

Anyway.... here are shots i took during the journey. Hope you like them!

Singapore is one of the busiest port in the world! Look how tiny the ships were! And if you look closer, you can see my reflection on the window :-)

I took this airline! Landed safely in Jakarta.

But i was taken to a wrong airport terminal by the taxi driver on my way back to Singapore! I shouldve gone to Terminal 3 SoeTa but was dropped off at Terminal 2 instead! Alamak! Actually it was partly my fault too, i did not pay attention on what Terminal my plane landed at the day before, and the taxi driver was not aware that this airline is pooled at this new Terminal 3.

Lucky me...i still could catch the flight! It was the earliest flight of that day 5.40am! Speaking about sleepy...of course i was still sleepy during the whole hooha haha!

I witnessed sunrise from our plane! Such beautiful and humbling sight! God is great Aqila!

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