Senin, 26 Desember 2011

I am 7!

The Treasure Hunt is on!!!! 

We set a game for the kids to hunt for treasure on Aqila's 7th birthday. 

1.Preparation time.

THese are the pirate swords for our little pirates~

Bunda, gave a set of tasks to the pirates.

2. Island of Pirates. We are making our Pirate hats! 
And given other attires such as swords and eye patch and we are set to go hunting!

Aqila and Cherie, his Chinese tutor

Some of the cupcakes done by the pirates! hahaha

The pirate cakes! Big thanks to Bulik Mita ;-)

3. Island of Games. We have to complete puzzles to go to next island!


4. Making Cupcakes as final task on Treasure Island!

This is delicious brownies from our lovely neighbour

Enjoy the feast!

We end the party with a recital! 

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