Sabtu, 23 April 2011

"The auntie at the library knows me..."

...That was what Aqila told me on his third day of bringing books home from school library.

"Of course she knows you silly, she was actually reminding you that you have so far... borrowed 3 books within 3 days! She just wanted to make sure you are going to read those books" i explained.

Now...I wonder where do all this sudden fondness of borrowing books come from? All this time i can hardly raise Aqila's interest to find and search interesting books at the nearby library. When he agrees to go, he would pick the same book again and again and again.

Dont get me wrong, he loves reading. Whenever i buy new books for him or borrow some books from library, he will jump up and down with joy. His eyes would lit everytime we go to bookstore. He reads stories online...he

So this is my theory. Perhaps you, Aqila, find the school library to be less intimidating, is more cozy and relax. I dont know but i guess this is one of your favourite past time during recess time, away from the noisy canteen and playground. A perfect place for you to seek solitude....just like your mom when she was in high school :-)

So...i let you do what you are doing now. I will just make sure we read the book together and return them before due date.

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