Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

My New School

School new year in Singapore starts on 4 january 2011. Like thousands of new Primary 1 students on this island state, Aqila starts his new routine, new beginning, new life...(like what uncle Buble said).

This is Aqila's school, North Spring Primary.

During first week, all new P1 students have two buddies from P5 to help the new kids understand the school routine like - where the toilets are, where is the canteen, good eating habits, how to order food at canteen, what to play during recess- those kinda stuff.

These are Jael and Daniel, Aqila's buddies. They are so sweet and caring and so mature.

Buddy system is a very good concept, as it teaches P5 students to be responsible with their charge, to lead and show examples to their junior abt life in Primary school. On the othee hand, tge new P1 students will feel more at ease and relax during their first week of school as they have somebody (older but not too old) to help them around. Who started this idea ya...i wonder?

We parents can only see our kids during this time :-/

Parents...what are you waiting for?

Aaah...they are waiting to have a glimpse of their kids during recess time.

I am a bit jealous with parents in other schools as they are allowed to go to their kid's class, canteen even accompanying them while the kids are eating during this first week of school. But i understand the reason behind the prohibition, and i can accept that...with heavy heart though.

Wash your hand before and after meal...good habit must always be reinforced.

Tong tong tong. What are these?

Dont forget to put dirty dishes at its respective bin, okay?

Play time after meal...

Hop hop hop ...

Aaahh...of course our driver is now Mr Tan, here im this pic with his white school bus. Uncle Tan, can you please send Aqila home fast? Hehe

So tomorrow is the last day of orientation week. Next week real school begins! Good luck Aqila...study hard and play hard too!

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