Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Simple Indulgence

For kids with multiple allergies like Aqila, going out and eating out can be a daunting least for the parents.

We went to Banana Leaf restaurant at race course rd to treat Aqila's oma opa, and the moment we stepped into the resto, Aqila started sneezing and having runny nose nonstop all at the same time. Immediate effect of pungent/strong smell of the spices the resto use for its dishes. Aqila of course did not eat get to enjoy any foods from the resto. We re not sure about the ingredients anyway. Poor baby...

So it is a simple joy that we really cherish when we found this choco bark and giant lollipop that Aqila can enjoy safely at candilicious-a candy store at Resort World Sentosa.

This is their website

Go there and be ready to unconsciously transform yourself to be a little kid having good time in a shop full of candy! Hihihi

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