Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Not the End of the World

Last week i received a call from Health Promotion Board. The lady staff had arranged an appointment for Aqila to have his eyes checked at their polyclinic in Geylang. The reason for this arrangement was because Aqila
missed his annual eye-check at school. He was ill when the the doctors came to do mass eye checks to all students in his Kindergarten.

We went for the appointment yesterday. The clinic was at 3rd level, and very quiet with no other patients beside us! Good thing...because usually we have to wait for hours to get to our turn to see doctor at poly. And the test is free of chrge as it is part of the "National movement of myopia prevention"

Well...what do you know, after the test, the opthometrist said that Aqila has astigmatism and he has to wear spectacles to correct it :-/ whaaat? Oh No! Mom is so shattered to learn this.

What is astigmatism? It is a condition where the eye ball/ cornea is shaped more like a rugby ball, an oval shape instead of a sphere. Astigmatism causes lights to bounce unevenly off the surface of the oval shaped eye, thus allowing eyes to focus on more than one point in the eye. This create problem in focusing ability, causing blurry vision.

The cause of astigmatism? Unknown but can be hereditary. Well both dad and mom are wearing specs with one of us suffers from astigmatism as well :-(

Poor kid. I always thought Aqila is rather lazy when it comes to reading. Now i know one of possible reasons, maybe because the words in the book he is reading are floating blurry and double in vision. Kesian...

Okay sweetie, you need to wear spectacles. It is not the end of the world. Just promise me to eat your green and play outside more!

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