Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Let's celebrate mother's day


Mother's day should be celebrated everyday, not just on some particular dates. It is certainly nice to receive a genuine attention in the form of gifts, flowers, chocolate, a day of off duty (whoa...is there such day for a mom?), but really...mothers around the world do not need any of those. They will keep on loving their children and provide love, protection, comfort, for their children unconditionally, with or without gifts :-)

So dear Aqila, all you have to do to recognise my efforts in bringing you up is to show me that you care for me, you help me with house chores, you listen to me, you do well in school, you behave well, you show kindness towards other people, help other people in needs, you respect us...your parents, respect other people, especially mothers. Oh...and a kiss and a hug for me will be nice too :-)

Show me this every day my dear, and we shall celebrate mother's day everyday! :-D

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