Jumat, 24 September 2010

Goes back to first love

Aqila is back to drawing what he loves most, MRT!

These are old and new SMRT trains. Do notice the differences of the lights, wheels, wipers, doors etc of the new and old cars :-). Well...those are the details he quizzed me this morning. LOL

Eyang with Ayah on the left, and Bunda and I on the right.

- Drawing wth marker on whiteboard by Aqila

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2 komentar:

refinehere mengatakan...

keren Aqila ... as usual! emang turunan yaaa .. darahnya kentel kalo udah urusan gambar gambar gini ..heheheeh

si Dyah mengatakan...

hihihi....iya kyknya kalo nggambar dia mah gakusah disuruh2 udah lancar sendiri.

Belajar nya yang susyeeeeh benerrr!