Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

My Shopping List

Aqila went to accompany Bunda for shopping couple of days ago. He volunteered to 'write' the shopping list...and this was what he come up with...a version without writing at all.

You see...Aqila reads quite well...for a five years old. But he is so unwilling to write...perhaps because he still makes spelling mistakes ...which is totally normal. It is part of learning process as writing and reading is an acquired skills. And we need to practice to get better in this area. Being a perfectionist (well...that's what i think he is), he would rather do something he is better at (at least that is what he thinks) which is drawing ...rather than writing.

Can you guess what we bought on that day? Look closer at the picture...he put ticks next to the stuff we managed to buy.
Choose from these options: grapes, chicken, beef, apples, oranges, canned spinach, carrots, chiku, yoghurt...

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