Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

My Purply

Aqila was pleasantly surprise when he received this cute 'monster' frm
his aunt (mommy's little sister).

We named him Purply...and yes, it is a he.

If you can knit, this simple toy/doll is a perfect gift for young
children. I think it is easy to make ( provided that you can knit) and
doesnt take long to finish. And though adults may think this doll is
too frugal in look...kids certainly dont think so. Aqila loves Purply
very much, and he goes to bed everynight with it, along with
Bear...his cuddly brown bear.

Btw...for kids with allergy rhinitis (like Aqila) who can't stand dust
and dustmites, this toy has a plus point. It is washable and therefore
we can always wash it and disinfected it before dust accumulate. :-)

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