Senin, 31 Desember 2007

Finally...he is pedalling!


On his 2nd birthday, we bought Aqila a bicycle. But do you know that only recently (a couple of days ago to be more precise) he can pedal his bicycle properly? Previously, he didnt know (read: didnt bother to know) how to pedal the bike full it's like ...he is using only one foot to pedal at a time. Kiriiiiiiiiii terus...ato kanaaaann terus....

Not anymore. The miracle happened after a short visit to Carrefour Suntec City, bicycles section last week. Over there, there was this mini go-kart (they call it 'racing car') for kids, and Aqila was absolutely in love with this mini ride! After a brief instruction from the shop attendant Aqila was off riding the pedalling the pedal in full round!

Once we reached home...the excited parents immediately asked Aqila to ride his bicyle, hoping that he would apply his new found skill when he ride his bicycle. Yes...he did! BUT the strange thing was...he wanted only to sit on the back seat (the passewnger seat), and stubbornly refuse our request to try to sit on the saddle. Determined to correct the problem, I brought him downstairs to have an evening ride around the flat, lho....masih juga gak mau kayuh yang benar!I used persuasion, explanation, threat (hehe...gaklah), reasoning to him, that by sitting on the saddle he could control the steering better, and safer, but he just didnt want to listen...stubborn boy! ANEH gak seeeh???

Jan 1, 2007

Wah...finally....Aqila mau dan bisa mengayuh sepedanya secara sempurna! He finally can pedal his bicycle! Kali ini ayah made a successful attempt to get him sit on the paddle....kudos to Ayah! Waduh...ternyata inside this little subborn head, he was actually apprehensive, and was not sure how to pedal properly. And it was Ayah who did the investigation, check the way he pedalled and then realise that he was still learning / practising to pedal properly...using both legs! With a little bit of gentle explanation (this...according to ayah loh...) and trial and error...akhirnya...he is pedalling!
Oalaaaahhh nak. Well.... all went well...after all. Gakpapa.
You are still a wonderful and amazing boy to us! Hebat nak..hebat!
Eittt....tapi jangan ngebut2 ah!

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