Kamis, 29 November 2007

What does School Holiday mean to us, mothers?

It's school holiday now...from mid of Novembr 2007 till early January...next year!

Oh my God, it means home will be full of a toddler's voice whole day...nonstop (except during bed time). It also means I have to be very very terribly creative in coming up with various activities to keep this easily bored toddler entertained.

Shoot...his cousin is in quarantine for a week, down with Mumps despite the fact that he had had the vaccination against the virus. Alamak...kenapa pula. If he were okay... we could have play-dates everyday! or...perhaps two or three days this week.

Let's see what we did today. Since it rained almost hte whole day, we had our activities indoor:
we played ball games -bowling, golf, throw-and-catch,
we made paper rocket (original idea is taken from Aqila's school project)
we read books -the police officer book, the police car book, the ambulance book, the postman book, the A to Z train book, the Thomas the Tank Engine book,
we practised phonics,
we watched some TV programme and movies -it's a bugs life, ladder 49 (!!)
we baked cookies



in between the activities, I had a craving for a 'nap' would you believe that!
huhuhuuu...i wa so so sleepy but Aqila was so fully energized,
dari mana itu tenaganya ya?

anyway...i survived today.

tomorrow? is another day...

i plan to bake a chocolate cake and frost it with chocolate layer. Got this new recipe from some website and my old cookbook. Keep your fingers crossed for I've been wanting to cook a delicious choco cake complete with the frosting for Aqila!

Hey...consider this as a trial before Aqila's bithday next month!
Promised my self I will make (well...try to make) a birthday cake for him.
I really hope it's not a too unrealistic goal for me.....hehehe

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