Minggu, 25 November 2007

Skin Prick Test No 2

Last Friday we went to the KK Hospital for Aqila to underwent another round of skin prick test.
THe purpose of the test this time is to find out whether Aqila has developed a new allergy and whether he has outgrown any of his existing allergies.

THe result:

1. His allergy to peanut and egg (both egg yolk and the white) are still high :(
2. He has developed allergy to dustmite :(
He has what it's called allergy rhinitis or 'sensitive nose'. No wonder Aqila always seems to have runny nose, sneezes alot and often rub his nose and eyes and complained that they were itchy.
3. His test on soya came out negative. DOctor suggested us to start introducing soya milk and then soya products gradually to Aqila
4. His test of fish and shellfish also came out negative, but doctor wasn't sure about the accuracy of the result as the fish and shellfish extract they used on the test are from fish commonly found and consumed in western countries, not in Asia. So...the doctor suggested us to introduce pomfret ??(bawal) first for a week or two and see the reaction. This fish is considered will give very small chance for people to develop allergic reaction when it is eaten.

Well.... it's a mix of good news and bad news.
Good that we can start challenging Aqila with soya milk and fish, and hope he will be able to tolereate them well. Unfortunately....there will still be no sponge cakes, satay and omelette for Aqila! huhuhuuuuuuuuuu

We will start the challenge test next week. I'll update you on this...

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